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Auckland Small Business Employers

Posted by Posted in Auckland PAYE, Auckland Tax, Featured Posted on 07-07-2010

Business owner come employer?

For an Auckland small business to run successfully, you need to carry out all your responsibilities of a business owner with dedication and passion. If you are a small business owner as well as an employer, your responsibilities become manifold.

When you are only an owner, you need to focus only on your business growth and of course take care of your small business accounting needs. But, as your business expands, you might feel the need to hire staff to help you manage your business in a more professional manner. When you hire employees, several factors have to be considered and you should have a well laid-out plan about the number of employees you want to hire and their role in your organization etc.

How to become an employer

First, you need to register with the IRD as a new employer. Registration with the IRD is a simple process, either online or offline. You can register with your IRD number or if you don’t have one, apply for it by filling in IR 595/596 depending on whether you are an individual or non-individual in business. Once you have the IRD number, you can register online by filling in the online employer registration form or offline by filling in IR 334 and sending it to IRD, NZ.      Source:

Once you start hiring employees, the most important thing is to get a Tax code declaration (IR330) filled in by them. Kiwi Saver members should also fill in a KiwiSaver deduction form (KS2). You should enroll your employees in KiwiSaver depending on their eligibility. Employer monthly schedule (IR348) with their employment start date should be sent to IRD.       Source:

Employer-employee relationship

Employment Relations Act 2000 lays the foundation for the employer-employee relationship in an organization. The act specifies clearly the rights and responsibilities of both the employers and employees. As an employer, you need to be well informed about the policies and legislation that govern the sensitive relationship that exists between the employer and the employee.

Your responsibilities as an employer

As an employer, you are faced with many duties and responsibilities that have to be carried out in a meticulous fashion. Necessary salary deductions of your employees, remitting them to IRD NZ and filing employer returns are a few of the important duties of an employer.

You can check out the following page to get more information about the things you should do as an employer:

With several changes to NZ tax coming into effect on 1st October, 2010, you should be aware of all the changes and stay updated with the relevant information on them. Once these changes become effective, you will need to calculate PAYE and other deductions according to the new rates.


While your employees may be trained in several areas of your business, your book keeping and accounting work may be outsourced to an appropriately qualified professional accountant who would work hand in hand with your employees and take over your responsibility of calculating taxes and remitting them to IRD on time.

Outsourcing is a big advantage

By outsourcing, you can not only work for the development of your business, but you can let go of your worry about the complicated accounting procedures related to it. Outsourcing also leads to more productivity and profits as you have more time and peace of mind to focus on your business growth, so hiring a professional accountant will be very helpful to you in the long run. For your accounting needs, contact C M Business Services for a FREE consultation now.

Auckland Payroll NZ

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Need for Auckland Payroll NZ Services

What would you want to do when you are starting out a new business or are trying to restructure your existing business? Quite obviously, you would want to organise your new business well or get the current business improving in many ways, at the same time aiming to focus more on your business growth.

Auckland Payroll is given top priority in any business you own, big or small. If, maintaining precise financial records is imperative for any business to be successful, carrying out your duties as an employer is even more important.

Your registration with the IRD NZ as a new or existing business owner is mandatory. Employer registration is a simple online procedure. Once you start employing staff for your business, you have a few important responsibilities to shoulder.

Responsibilities of an employer

You, as an employer, are responsible for

  • ensuring that your employee fills in a tax code declaration on IR 330. If tax code declaration is not given by your employee, then, you should calculate and deduct tax for that particular employee using the no-declaration rate.
  • all tax deductions that relate to your employees.
  • filing Auckland Payroll returns to IRD within the stipulated deadlines.
  • keeping yourself updated with the latest IRD changes to Auckland Payroll and incorporating them while filing returns.
  • calculating deductions in case your employee has a special deduction rate certificate (IR 23).

Role of tax code in Auckland Payroll NZ

Tax code declaration helps small business owners (who are also employers) with the appropriate tax codes to be used and the rate at which employee deductions will have to be made. PAYE is a monthly or fortnightly remittance to IRD. This remittance depends upon the total salary or wages paid out by you. Tax code also ensures student loan repayments, child support deductions and KiwiSaver deductions if any, to be deducted by you as an employer.

Changes to Auckland Payroll NZ

Recent changes to Auckland Payroll (the changes come into effect on 1st October, 2010) will facilitate easy payment of PAYE online. Employer Monthly Schedule on IR348 and Employer Deductions form on IR 345  can be filed electronically. (Source: )

Technology to minimise manual labour

MYOB payroll is a great solution to all your payroll management tasks. Integrating your payroll data into this efficient software makes things much simpler and less cumbersome for you. Right from paying your employees their salary to filing the necessary returns, tasks become less complicated and consume fewer hours.

Achieving perfect balance

Creating a balance between the struggle to meet all your business requirements necessary for its growth and carrying out all your duties as an employer is something that might daunt you. This is when your outsourcing needs become more prominent than ever before.

For any Auckland Payroll outsourcing assistance, simply call us at 021.415.623 and make the most of a FREE one hour consultation with us. You will only be happy about your decision to entrust us with all the complicated payroll work, so that you have the maximum time and freedom to attend to your business development.