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Auckland PAYE

Auckland PAYE Specialists

As your Auckland accountants and bookkeepers, we are adept at making your business management much simpler by helping you with all your accounting and bookkeeping needs.  We are conversant with and experienced in handling all aspects of NZ PAYE and other payroll deductions.  As a New Zealand employer, you are required to fulfil certain conditions like:

  • Registering with the Inland Revenue Department
  • Making the right salary deductions of your employees
  • Handling your payroll requirements
  • Submission of monthly employer returns and payments
  • Taking care of tax responsibilities including PAYE, Kiwi saver, student loan and other deductions
  • Preserving records for seven years
  • Holiday pay calculations and payouts

We lend a helping hand to you in all of these matters and more and can save you time and money by processing your required monthly employer returns!

Benefits of Auckland PAYE

  • By taking care of the timely submission of returns, we help you avoid paying penalties and interest on PAYE accrued thereby cutting down your employment costs.
  • As an employer, your tax onus relating to your employees is best handled by us.
  • With our guidance you’ll be able to understand how taxation laws affect you and take steps to adhere to them.
  • We process your monthly IR345 and IR348 returns before submission to the Inland Revenue Department. This way, we save you time and money.

If you would like to be ably assisted in your Auckland PAYE transactions, we are ready to support you. For further information, contact us for a FREE consultation.