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Auckland Small Business Accounting & Bookkeeping

Do Any of These Ring True to You?

  • Do You No Longer Have Time to Handle Your Bookkeeping?
  • Is Your Partner Complaining About Not Wanting To Do Your Accounting Any Longer?
  • Are You Missing Tax Deadlines and Receiving Penalties and Interest From the Inland Revenue?

Look no further! C M Business Services Limited, your friendly Auckland Accounting and Bookkeeping Service, is here to help you in all your business-related matters!

We, at C M Business Services Limited, are located on the North Shore, Auckland, is passionate about and committed to helping small business owners succeed. We’ve been in business for over 6 years in New Zealand, but got our start in America over 12 years ago. We have extensive Auckland small business accounting and Auckland bookkeeping knowledge and put that to use to help owners improve their bottom line. Our expertise guarantees that your accounts will be done quickly and accurately.

We give a lot of importance to YOU, our client. You are our business and we’ll help you improve yours by maximising your performance and minimising your workload. We will work hand in hand with you to take your business to a higher level.

Some of our business services include MYOB & Quickbooks consulting and training, payroll processing and IRD reporting, financial reporting, job costing, year end accounting, and managing debtors and creditors. And those are just a few of the services that we offer!

Your business will benefit from our service in a number of ways:

  • You’ll never miss another tax deadline
  • Increase your bottom line by not having to hire extra staff
  • Spend more time on your business rather than administrating
  • Flexible and personalised service to fit your company’s needs

All the services that we offer you come at a very reasonable price. We are thoroughly professional in our work and extend assistance in ways convenient to you.

Call us today at 021.415.623 to schedule your free one hour consultation.

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Important Dates

June 2010

  • 21st – New Zealand Employer Deductions and Monthly Schedule, aka IR345 and IR348, for small employers
  • 28th – GST Return and Payment Due Today for May (monthly & bimonthly filers)
  • 28th – 2011 Provisional tax payments due for customers using the ratio option

July 2010

  • 7th – Income tax returns due
  • 21st – New Zealand Employer Deductions and Monthly Schedule for June
  • 28th – GST Return and Payment Due Today for June (monthly filers)

Check out for more information to create your own list of tax due dates