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We offer excellent and supportive NZ Payroll services to our valued clients like you at a very reasonable and affordable cost.  If you are not up-to-date with the IRD’s latest changes to PAYE and Kiwi saver deductions, you need not worry. The thought of having to meet tax deadlines need not stress you out either.

If you are a NZ small business owner who is overwhelmed by IRD deadlines, we assure you that you can rely on our quality services to manage and control your payroll, PAYE and processing and submission of your monthly IRD returns.

We provide the following payroll services to help small business owners like you become more productive and performance-oriented and less stressed:

  • Process employee wages and payslips – We offer you advice in matters relating to payroll preparation and IRD compliance, or if you are willing to outsource the entire payroll processing to us, we’d gladly do it for you.
  • New employee paperwork and set up – When a new employee is recruited, you need to send the new employee details to the tax office so that the correct tax code is issued to the employee for future tax deductions. We take care of all the paperwork involved in staff recruitment.
  • Annual leave calculations – We help you with the calculation of your employees’ annual leave entitlements and pay.
  • Maintain employee records – We advise you suitably on the maintenance of personnel information like leave records, pay advices and more for purposes of tax calculation.
  • Calculate PAYE and other payroll deductions – We handle all the payroll deductions including PAYE so that your stress is considerably reduced.
  • Process and file IRD returns (IR345 & IR348) on time – Once you entrust the work of submitting your IRD returns to us, you can concentrate on your business while we process the monthly returns and submit them on time for you. This way you don’t have to worry about penalties for late submission of IRD returns.

To sum up, we offer the most comprehensive and the most affordable NZ payroll services with the assurance that you can expect a very personal and effective assistance from us to solve all your accounting issues.

Contact us today for a FREE consultation to make the most of our expert services.